Module 03: Positive and Negative Symbols

Positive and Negative Symbols Module 3 Positive and Negative Symbols This module shows you the importance of not only recognizing negative Symbols but positive Symbols too. Often a positive Symbol will take you straight to the Old Pain, and will take you by surprise. The Program of our Past Ingeborg also shows how to identify […]

Module 02: Symbol Dissection and Accessing Old Pain

Symbol Dissection and Accessing Old Pain Module 2 Symbol Dissection In this module, Ingeborg demonstrates the powerful tool of Symbol Dissection. All three participants access the Old Pain hiding behind their Defenses. Old Realities An absolute eye-opener, because before they had no idea, these Old Realities were unconsciously stored in their systems. Michael Michael contacted […]

Module 01: Basic PRI Principles Recap

Basic PRI Principles Recap Module 1 Basic PRI Principles In this module, a recap of the basic PRI principles. Ingeborg explains how our consciousness is divided into the Adult Consciousness, Childhood Consciousness, and the Wall of Defenses. And how we all use five different defenses in order not to feel Old Pain that is touched […]

Module 13: Final Review

Final Review Module 13 Final Review Discovering the illusions in our own mind takes training and time… Defenses Defenses are very quick and very intelligent. Never forget that you are up to a strong mechanism that just wants to convince you that it’s true. But: we are smarter, and we are able to catch our […]

Module 12: Reviewing All Steps

Reviewing All Steps Module 12 Reviewing All Steps We will do anything not to feel bad, we are wired to feel good. We are born in a way to be who we really are: persons of bliss and joy. Free Ourselves PRI can help us to free ourselves from defenses and find back this state […]

Module 11: Exercising All Steps

Exercising All Steps Module 11 Excercising All Steps No matter what happened in the past, the good news is: it is over. In the present we are independent adults that can take care of our own needs, and get help if needed. Finding the Meaning Finding the Meaning is a crucial step in applying PRI […]

Module 10: Finding the Meaning

Finding the Meaning Module 10 Finding the Meaning There is always some kind of message coming from the Symbol and Sensory Perception towards you. Only you can feel what this message, the Meaning as we call it in PRI, is. The Meaning The Meaning is what is coming towards you from the Symbol and the […]

Module 09: Dissecting the Symbol

Dissecting the Symbol Module 9 Dissecting the Symbol There is always something about the Symbol that you perceive, that touches directly upon your old pain and therefore activates one of your defenses. Sensory Perception Since you perceive this with one of your senses (mostly seeing or hearing), we call this specific detail the ‘sensory perception’. […]

Module 08: Finding the Symbol

Finding the Symbol Module 8 Finding the Symbol Once you have recognized you are in a defense, you can make the next step. The Symbol The Symbol shows clearly that there is a link between what you are perceiving in the present and the past. In other words, the Symbol is symbolically representing the past. […]

Module 07: Defense Interaction

Defense Interaction Module 7 Defense Interaction Mostly you won’t stay in one defense, but go from one to the other. Old Pain Defenses interact with each other for just one goal: to keep us away from our old pain. Ingeborg on Defense Interaction In this module, Ingeborg and the participant show defense interaction appears in […]