Module 13: Achievements

Achievements Module 13 Achievements In this final module, a full recap of the processes of Michael and Sue. They both made an incredible journey inside themselves with great results. Advanced Course Michael no longer feels separated from the world, and he has started his own coaching business. Sue doesn’t hide herself anymore and even enjoys […]

Module 12: The Inner Observer

The Inner Observer Module 12 The Inner Observer Installing your inner observer can be difficult. At the same time, it is a crucial building block in your PRI process: Only when you recognize you are in a Defense, you can do something about it. Feel Good Even if there is an actual problem in the […]

Module 11: Milestones of Transformation

Milestones of Transformation Module 11 Milestones of Transformation Applying PRI is about transforming yourself into who you genuinely are. Dismantling your defenses allows you to truly connect to yourself and the people around you. Reap the Benefits It is liberating and empowering work. In this module, you will see how Sue, Michael, and Thomas are […]

Module 10: Being Fully in the Present

Being Fully in the Present Module 10 Being Fully in the Present In this module, demonstrations on how to Dissect the Symbol and how to come back to the present. To see what is true in the present and to feel what the present is truly like: Often surprisingly free. Freeing ourselves from the Defenses […]

Module 09: The Old Unmet Need

The Old Unmet Need Module 9 The Old Unmet Need You will learn that not being able to feel what you want in life (and this goes for a lot of people) is the Primary Defense. Primary Defence And, a lot of time the Primary Defense is covering up the Old Unmet Needs of the […]

Module 08: False Hope on Feeling

False Hope on Feeling Module 8 False Hope on Feeling People frequently think that crying a lot and feeling Old Pain often, will heal them. Ingeborg explains why this is not true. Defense Reversal False Hope is placed on ‘feeling’ and it won’t help. Only working with the defenses in the present and Defense Reversal […]

Module 07: Identifying the Unmet Need

Identifying the Unmet Need Module 7 Identifying the Unmet Need You will see how Sue finally feels the huge Unmet Need of the small child she was: To be held. A need she had to repress very early in life. Activated Defence Also, Ingeborg shares a personal example of how she attributed her not feeling […]

Module 06: Distinguishing Defenses and Old Pain

Distinguishing Defenses and Old Pain Module 6 Distinguishing Defenses and Old Pain It is essential to know which feeling is a Defense and which is the Old Pain. Old Pain Ingeborg does a regression with Michael to explore the Old Pain. This regression shows the difference very clearly. Thomas had felt a lot of Old […]

Module 05: The Effects of Growing Consciousness

The Effects of Growing Consciousness Module 5 The Effects of Growing Consciousness Ingeborg demonstrates how to dissect a Symbol very accurately to get to the meaning and feel an emotional reaction. Rediscovering the True Self And you will see what the effects are of a growing consciousness – it’s all about rediscovering the true self. […]

Module 04: Becoming an Investigator

Becoming an Investigator Module 4 Becoming an Investigator You will see how Ingeborg keeps asking investigative questions to find the central theme, to get to the essence of the unconscious program of each of the participants. A crucial step in the healing process. Central Theme Once we identify this central theme, which is influencing how […]