Past Reality Integration


By Ingeborg Bosch

Past Reality Integration helps you live fully in the present

These online courses by psychologist and best selling author Ingeborg Bosch offer you an effective and self-empowering method that helps you free yourself from redundant survival strategies.

You will feel happier, more confident, more creative and productive, more energetic, and more connected to yourself and the people around you.

Past Reality Integration

The healing method PRI, founded by renowned psychologist Ingeborg Bosch, is widely and successfully used to effectively get on top of emotional problems such as burn-out, stress, depression, addictions, panic and anxiety, relationship troubles, eating disorders, loneliness, and mourning.

There are over 60 PRI therapists in The Netherlands at this moment. And the PRI books published by Ingeborg Bosch are among the best selling books in their category. Translated into 7 languages, with over 200.000 copies sold worldwide, this life-changing method is improving the lives of so many. And it can help you too!

Online course niveau 1

PRI Basics

In the Level 1 online course, Ingeborg teaches the basic PRI instruments: The PRI Circle, explaining how our consciousness develops, how to recognize defences, and how to identify and dissect symbols that activate the defences.

Various clients are participating in all video modules, sharing experiences from their daily lives. You will see Ingeborg do demos with them. Also, PRI therapists and experienced PRI clients, share their experiences.

Seeing the participating clients progress in becoming more aware of how they perceive day to day situations, and the steps they take to transform will very much help you reflect upon your own life and what is happening within you.

Online course niveau 2

PRI Advanced

In the Advanced online course, Ingeborg is working with three of the same people she worked with during the Basics course, helping them to take their development processes to the next level.

Besides using the basic PRI instruments Ingeborg now does the more advanced PRI work with them. Guiding them into regressions, step by step revealing the blueprint, the essence of their defence structure, and perception. You will see amazing and inspiring transformations towards freedom of heart. Helping them reconnect to themselves and the people around them.

We recommend you to first complete the Basics online course before commencing with the Advanced level.

These online PRI courses offer you:

Valuable and inspiring content
13 modules packed with videos full of theory, exercises, case studies, shared experiences and supporting material.

To learn directly from the founder

This online course provides you the opportunity to learn the PRI-basics directly from Ingeborg Bosch, founder of PRI, renowned psychologist and best and long selling author.

Unrestricted access and support

Direct access after payment, we provide you 1 full year of unrestricted access to these online courses and the opportunity to reach out to our helpdesk with your personal questions.

Whenever and wherever

This multi-platform online course gives you the opportunity to study and work on your wellbeing wherever and whenever you want.


A boost in your personal development

This course will boost your personal development. It can be studied on its own, combined with reading the PRI books or contribute to your personal development process when you are working with a PRI therapist.

Refund Guarantee
If for whatever reason you are not fully satisfied with this online course, you can ask us for a full refund of your payment within the first 4 weeks after your purchase.